i Invest in Housing


Vancouver has a severe affordability crisis. The problem is not the ability to build housing but to build affordability into how we build housing. One of the biggest obstacles is funding. Affordable housing development requires a long-term financing solution.


The solution is to fund and build more affordable housing at scale. To address the funding problem we have created a community engagement campaign ‘i Invest in Housing’ to do the initial market research to determine the marketability of Affordable Housing Bonds and what bond rate will have the greatest uptake in the marketplace.

The Trash Bag House (TBH) is an eye-catching presentation space made from heavy-duty garbage bags, duct tape and PVC tubing that is inflated using a small fan. Somewhat facetiously we ask; ‘Do you want to live in a garbage bag?’

Inside the space there’s a projection system where we present and discuss ‘Building Solutions to the Housing Crisis’. We will be touring the TBH throughout the Lower Mainland this summer. Please come back and check out our presentation schedule.